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Back from the honeymoon - bwangiaLog

About Back from the honeymoon

Previous Entry Back from the honeymoon Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 07:22 pm Next Entry
Just a short note ...

The wedding was fantastic ... yeah it was unbelievable.

Later I'll get to talking about what it felt down inside to see K come down that aisle on Peter's arm ... the vows .. the communion .. the congregation ... kissing K for the first time ever!

And boy ask anyone who was there about the reception! I danced and was sweating as if Id gone clubbing. Just to give an idea of how much fun happened ... picture a girl doing a flip ... my bride with one hand on one foot, the other behind her head and subsequent movement ... My sister Arlene and I doing the 'cooking spoon' dance in the middle of the circle ... picture three tall african men (my cousins) in black suits strolling through the circle floor waving little paper plates coz it was so hot! ... Picture guys chanting "Go Bradley! Go Bradley! Go Bradley! ... Go! Go! Go!"

Dad danced, Mom Danced, Katee's parents, Chris, Shanee, Shanee's Mom Nancy, Charis, Evan, Neal Richarde freaking out in the middle of the circle (ps I think he is over 50 yrs old) ... I mean everyone you can think of was in the middle of that circle.

You get the picture! All this happened at the churches hall, and who said church folk cant have fun.

Then Katee and I drove down to Carmel and had the honeymoon of our life!

We are just back to Santa Cruz from the honeymoon.

I come back to Boston on Saturday morning and will probably update the journal after them. I'll probably put up wedding pictures right after then.

K and I are doing great. Its never felt more natural to be married! I love it. Thanks to everyone for making our wedding just so great!
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