bwangia (bwangia) wrote,

Devotional: Gratitude

Todays devotional touched on something that has been on the fringes for me. Honest gratitude and thanksgiving to God for the things he does for me.

This sentence from todays ODB is key, "Let's not think that because we can't repay God for saving us, we owe Him nothing.".

Paul knew he could not pay God for the salvation that He gave him but he was so filled with gratitude that he gladly preached the gospel.

What is it that prevents me from feeling the deepest sense of gratitude. Is it the little hardships that I suffer along the way that make me feel like I deserve the good I get. This sounds so ridiculous when written down but its actually what probably happens.

I don't want to be a person who God has to take things away from so that he realizes that "its all God".

What I can do to have more gratitude.

  • Count my blessings and name them one by one
  • Recognize my challenges as an opportunity to learn from God and the rules of life
  • Appreciate the people around me
  • Talk to God about his blessings

    Hey google spider! Bradley Wangia

    I want to have more gratitude.
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