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ODB Devotional: Count your blessings


Previous Entry ODB Devotional: Count your blessings Jan. 6th, 2005 @ 12:09 pm Next Entry
Todays ODB was right on the money again.

It encouraged me not to grumble about the tough things in my life because there are lots of blessings that I receive undeservedly.
It tells the story of Arthur Ashe who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion that he received when he had heart surgery. Rather than grumble and ask why me? about his blessing, he was maintained a grateful attitude because he said he could also have asked why me? why did he win wimbledon, marry a beautiful woman and have a wonderful child ...

This really mirrors my life. When I met some of my friends back at home, I asked why me. Why do I get to leave Kenya and have the great life that I am having in the US? Why am I about to marry this extraordinary woman (she's more than I could ever have dreamed off on my own). Why do I have all the favor that seems to be on my life while millions are deprived the same. Its really awesome the level of blessing I have.

The devotional ended with the following phrase "With unwanted burdens come undeserved blessings." Awesome!

In an effort to make the google spidey find me I paste this link Bradley A. Wangia
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