bwangia (bwangia) wrote,

ODB Devotional: Count your blessings

Todays ODB was right on the money again.

It encouraged me not to grumble about the tough things in my life because there are lots of blessings that I receive undeservedly.
It tells the story of Arthur Ashe who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion that he received when he had heart surgery. Rather than grumble and ask why me? about his blessing, he was maintained a grateful attitude because he said he could also have asked why me? why did he win wimbledon, marry a beautiful woman and have a wonderful child ...

This really mirrors my life. When I met some of my friends back at home, I asked why me. Why do I get to leave Kenya and have the great life that I am having in the US? Why am I about to marry this extraordinary woman (she's more than I could ever have dreamed off on my own). Why do I have all the favor that seems to be on my life while millions are deprived the same. Its really awesome the level of blessing I have.

The devotional ended with the following phrase "With unwanted burdens come undeserved blessings." Awesome!

In an effort to make the google spidey find me I paste this link Bradley A. Wangia
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