bwangia (bwangia) wrote,

Devtional: Quest for Riches

Todays ODB came from
James 1:9-11; James 5:1-6 and it contained warnings on riches for both poor and rich.

It comes at a really time time for me as I move into my new place and I start to think about how everything is not perfect! I dont have the furniture I want in there, my car is not fixed, little house things and all of a sudden Im off to the races looking for stuff.

Prior to getting the place in Waltham, i lived in a basement had no furniture, for a while used the bus to get to school and had almost nothing. For a while I was really bummed about that and I sought God harder. I had all the challenges I have today and I did fine ; actually I think I was quite concerned with purpose and mission and praying and all that.

Now I head off to waltham and materialism and self comfort/indulgence is creeping on me. It seems to justify itself with you've had it tough so its time to start getting the necessities of life! But this stands in stark contrast to what Jesus said to his followers

Matthew 6:24-34

About not worryng and trusting in God. Well, I need to do the same!

In an effort to make spidey find me I paste this link Bradley A. Wangia
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